The Role of ICT in Philippine History

The Role of ICT in the Philippine History

It is very undeniable that ICT has played a huge role in our history. It helped in improving communication when Filipinos needed it the most.

It started during Marcos’ regime which lasted for 21 years in which a radio broadcast of Radyo Veritas encouraged the Filipinos to help end the rule of the former president. The rule of Ferdinand Marcos ended due to the People Power Revolution that lasted from 1983 to 1986 .

Next was during the EDSA Dos that happened in 2001 in which text brigades was used to spread information. It was fueled after 11 prosecutors of then President Joseph Estrada walked out of the impeachment trial.

Then the Million People March where Facebook and were used as a medium. Million people march is a series of protests that mainly took place in Luneta Park. It was considered a success even though the attendees were only 400,000 because it clearly demonstrated how powerful social media campaigns are.

Last was the establishment of the Yolanda People Finder which was powered by Google. It helped people across the globe to track the situation of their relatives.

We must always appreciate the value of ICT because it is playing an important role in our life up until now.